SIMPLE MANAGEMENT. The car requires extremely simple and economical management, thanks to its completely original powertrain, on which no specific maintenance is required. In addition, the staff for each car will be reduced by regulation to just 2 mechanics and one engineer. Obviously, there will be a support service available in case of need and in the most complex repairs, guaranteeing the possibility of using the main spare parts directly at the racetrack.

RECHARGE. No dedicated charging infrastructure is required, thanks to the 11KW on-board battery charger. It will thus be possible to use the car also for private tests or commercial events, simply by using the normal electrical systems already present in the racetracks for recharging, thus being able to travel around 140 km per day. Alternatively, it will obviously be possible to use the appropriate fast charging columns where present (as well as on race weekends).

LOW COSTS. Entry costs will be in line with "traditional" championships and tire sets limited to 2 per weekend. But not only that, because the visibility and media coverage will be absolutely unprecedented. We want to take motorsport to the next level.

SPONSORS. All insiders know that the investments of commercial and technical sponsors are rapidly moving towards the world of electric. The best choice for the future of the team and for the career of the drivers.