TESLA Model 3 E-ST

The Tesla Model 3 will be the star of the brand new E-STC championship. It is the flagship of the Californian marque and it is able to combine incredible performance with high level of autonomy, including in its racing use. 

The car, endowed with a specific kit developed by American tuning company Unplugged Performance, has truly impressive performances: its top speed exceeds 260 km/h with a 0-100 km/h sprint in just 2.9 seconds, 470 hp and 1200 Nm of torque.

The configuration foreseen for the championship will allow the teams to face both the Sprint and the Endurance series at top performance, guaranteeing the correct mix between performance and sustainability

The E-ST Kit has been curated by the Unplugged Performance tuner, who has already debuted the Model 3 at Pikes Peak in 2020 with incredible results.

Simplicity and performance are the objectives of the E-ST cars, with completely original powertrain that does not require specific maintenance (thanks also to the performance of the standard Tesla Model 3 Performance, which accelerates from 0 to 100 in less than 3 seconds), completely revised aerodynamics and studied in CFD and the main suspension and brake components modified to guarantee performance and reliability in racing use. A car that, in addition to being very fast (with lap times comparable to a GT4 in our tests), also from an aesthetic point of view has nothing less than the GT.

The cost of the Tesla Model 3 E-ST is equally astounding in relation to performance and visibility. In fact, it will be only € 76,900 (price excluding VAT) and customizable purchasing methods are provided. Orders are already open and will close on 15th February 2021.

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