HOW TO ENTER THE CHAMPIONSHIP. Only twenty places will be available for the first season of the E-STC championship (which will also give a right of first refusal for the future international championship) and, given the high interest already registered, it will be essential to confirm participation in a very short time.

The first models will be delivered until the end of February 2021, in order to be able to take to the track for the two collective test sessions scheduled before the start of the championship.

E-STC will follow you throughout the purchase process. The car will be delivered by the parent company, while the unplugged kit can be installed on the car by our partners or delivered to the Team headquarters. Nothing else will be needed to set up the car

There will be continuous assistance from E-STC, Unplugged Performance and the service on track, to help the teams in the best way at the beginning of this adventure.

Please contact E-STC at the email address you find on the home page for further information.


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